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Galit Zeif: Senior Teacher & Founder.

Galit entered the bodymind world at 1984. Having started with the Pilates method, she evolved into the Alexander Technique Teacher Training in London gathering experience with Eastern disciplines such as Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung along the way.

In 1995, Galit Zeif established a studio in Tel-Aviv where she teaches pupils of all ages in all physical conditions and qualifies teachers of the Alexander Tehcnique applied with the Bodythought Method.


Rika's Face for site(2) Rika Cohen was born in Israel. She Studied with Patrick Macdonald and was qualified by him as an Alexander Technique Teacher in London in 1961.

She continued her studies with many of the 1st generation AT Teachers – Marjory and Wilfred Barlow, Walter Carrington, Margaret Goldie, Charles Neill and others.

In 1980 Rika founded and directed the Haifa School for the Alexander Technique, teaching and certifying dozens of teachers.





Sigal Bergman is a certified Alexander Technique teacher (ACAT 2002) and a member of AmSAT. In 2006 she completed an AT postgraduate course in”The Art of Breathing”, giving her special skills to work with breath and voice. She is on faculty atMovement Research, and taught at the Juilliard drama department. Her background includes 15 years of movement investigation through Yoga and professional dancing.

“My interest in the Technique grew after injuring my knee in a Yoga class. The exercises and treatments I was getting helped ease the pain, but I wasn’t sure that they would prevent me from getting injured again. As an active dancer and choreographer I was looking for knowledge that would allow me to continue working safely. Through the Alexander Technique I learned to identify the movement patterns that weakened and strained my knee, and gained confidence in my ability to perform fully and safely. In the process I fell in love with the practice; finding the ability to recognize and avoid unconscious habits enriched both my professional and personal life.”

Sigal’s website.


Yoav Taler: Graduated the first ever bodythought teacher training course in 2007 and since then teaches in the studio, both privately and to groups.

A former Basketball player and gym instructor. Writes in the last years about the teacher’s work in a blog:

“So here comes a new challenge. Those equipped with the ability to learn, acknowledging the fact that they do not know everything there is to know, will have the opportunity to transform their sharp mind into sharp mind-body, a complete solution. it’s not you in relation to others, but rather you in relation to yourself.”

Yoav’s  blog | Facebook Page